Main Courses

All fishes are cooked to suit your personal taste: grill, oven, Bilbaína and Roman style.

Bites of hook-and-line hake fried 22.00
Hook-and-line cuttlefish in their ink 22.00
Cantabrian hook-and-line hake (Medallions, tale or slice) 24.00
Cantabrian hake in green sauce 25.00
Monkfish 25.00
Sole 25.00
Red tuna tataki 27.00
Wild seabass 28.00
Our famous Evaristo sole (2 persons) 28.00 p.p.
Blackspot sea bream 29.00
Cantabrian grouper 31.00
Wild turbot 31.00
Hake cheeks fried or pil-pil style 32.00
Cantabrian maine lobster in american sauce (2 persons) 33.00 p.p.
Elvers from Aguinaga (only on season)

Our tartares and ceviches are knife-cut and prepared in front of the customer

Ceviche of hook-and-line seabass 26.00
Beef fillet steak tartar 26.00
Red tuna tartar 28.00


Ox fillet 24.00


“Thin and Crispy” French fries 2.50
Green salad with spring onions 2.50
Bread and aperitif 2.50
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